Nicolas Vermeys et Maria-Fernanda Acevedo Lanas | L’émergence et l’évolution des tribunaux virtuels au Canada – L’exemple de la Plateforme d’aide au règlement des litiges en ligne (PARLe)

Nicolas Vermeys - Assistant Director of the Cyberjustice Laboratory - Maria-Fernanda Acevedo Lanas - Scientific Coordinator at the Cyberjustice Laboratory - explore in this publication the emergence and evolution of virtual courts in Canada by drawing on the work done by the Cyberjustice Laboratory and, in particular, the success of the Platform to Aid in the Resolution of Litigation Electronically - PARLe.

This contribution draws on the work done at Montreal’s Cyberjustice Laboratory and, more specifically, the success of the Platform to Aid in the Resolution of Litigation Electronically (PARLe), to demonstrate that certain online dispute resolution (ODR) tools can be successfully integrated into the judicial process. Indeed, more and more jurisdictions around the world are setting up such virtual tribunals using online negotiation and mediation tools to facilitate access to justice and help alleviated overburdened court dockets. However, a successful implementation will depend on various elements such as the incentive structure put forth, the platform’s funding model, and its overall architecture. Secondly, the authors look at what could become future iterations of virtual tribunals in light of recent developments in the field of artificial intelligence. This analysis contrasts the two approaches currently favored by various authors and researchers; the first aims to replace the mediator and/or the decision-maker with an algorithm (AIDR), while the second intends to augment the intelligence of each participant in the online dispute resolution process through the use of informative tools (ODRAI).

Nicolas Vermeys & Maria-Fernanda Acevedo Lanas

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