The Industry Webinars

This series of conferences is intended to provide a practical look at the concrete use made of the most recent technologies, particularly artificial intelligence, by the various private sector players in the field. In addition to looking at the functioning, efficiency and new possibilities offered by these new technologies, we will discuss their impact on the practice of jurists, whether in companies or firms, on access to justice for litigants, and on the realities of the environment and the transformations that result.

Several web-conferences to come, stay tuned!

Registrations for the web-conferences mentioned below will open shortly. 

Date Companies Speakers
19 janvier 2021 IAgree Charles Lesieur Founder and CEO
9 février 2021 SIA Partners Arnaud Buzzi (Senior Consultant Data Science), Pierre-Antoine Merle (Associate Partner Data Science), Ambroise Petit-Hoang (Senior Consultant Data-Science)
25 février Founded Technologies Shane Murphy & Derek Hopfner (Co-founders)
16 mars LegalMation James M. Lee (Co-founder and CEO)

About the companies :

  • IAgree : Montreal-based startup committed to bringing transparency to the obscure world of Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policies

  • SIA Partners : Worldwide consulting firm focusing on technology and AI initiatives. They’ve put in place Heka, an ecosystem of AI solutions. One of their AI solution automates regulatory compliance.

  • Founded Technologies : Legal tech achetée par la RBC - Founded provides businesses with the ability to automate sophisticated legal tasks such as incorporations, equity management, and legal agreements while saving thousands of dollars in legal fees.

  • LegalMation : Transforming Litigation – Producing Tailored Pleadings, Discovery Requests and Responses in Two Minutes with AI.

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