Smart Contracts and Blockchains

Over the past few years, blockchain based technologies have gone from a cryptographic experiment to a hugely popular concept, powering technologies that result in transactions worth billions of dollars per day and being embraced by banks and financial institutions. Beyond immensely successful currencies, such as bitcoin, proponents claim that blockchain based technologies, such as smart contracts, might soon be able to replace several functions of the legal system. During this theme week, we will explore the underlying technologies that power these truly decentralized currencies and systems, the potential applications of the systems in the legal sector and discuss the resilience of the technologies in times of crisis, such as the current pandemic.


To watch or rewatch our activities

Web-conference, 12 November 2020 : La blockchain au service de l'administration publique

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Web-talk, 26 May 2020 : Résilience de la blockchain et de ses applications juridiques en temps de crise

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Web-conference, 27 May 2020 : Blockchain, Data Protection and Health Data Management

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Workshop, 28 May 2020 : Understanding Smart Contracts

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Web-conference, 29 May 2020 : Exploring Compliance Technologies for Privacy

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Summer school 2020 : Cloud Crypto Land with Edmund Schuster

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Series of interactive blogs on the blockchain

Contents related to the theme 

1- Blockchain - Popular explanations & examples 

2 - Blockchain - technical background 

3 - Blockchain - Legal aspects 

4 - Blockchain - Regulation 

4 - Smart Contracts

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