Our cyberjustice core


The Cyberjustice Core is the set of services needed to support our software solutions.  

The Cyberjustice Core Services are the services exposed to our software solutions, like PARLe 

The main responsibility of each of these services will be: 

  • Judicial Filesmanagement of pre-judicial or judicial cases; 
  • Incident Request Service: management of incidental requests to a file; 
  • Users Profile Service: management of authentication, identification and user profiles; 
  • Forms Service: management of the creation, reading, updating and deleting of forms and form templates; 
  • Documents Service: management of the documents, attachments and envelopes;  
  • Calendar Service: management of staff calendars, meetings and schedules of courtrooms or organizations providing extra-judicial services; 
  • Exchange Service: management of user permissions on discussions; 
  • Hearings Service: management of documents necessary for a hearing; 
  • Witnesses Service: management of authentication and identification of witnesses and their permissions in a case; 
  • Secure Mail Service: management of the sending of notification emails (alerts); 
  • Buildings Services: courts and court facility management (inventory and use); 
  • Entities Service: management of courts or organizations providing extra-judicial services (such as administrative tribunals); 
  • Security Service: user authorization management; 
  • Configuration Service: repository and location services for applications  
  • Journal (logging) Service: management of actions recorded in a folder; 
  • Business Rules Service: business rules application service. 

Depending on the needs of our partner, our team of programmer-analysts will adapt these services or create new ones! 


Our software solutions are designed in open code for the Cyberjustice Community partners, allowing:  

    • The possibility for the partner to make any necessary changes to the code without using the Laboratory ressources; 
    • Any improvements or changes to the code can then be shared with all other partners. 

Our software solutions have been developed with the following technologies: 

  • ASP.NET MVC 5 and ASP.NET CORE for Web Application Development 
  • HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and JQuery for MVC applications 
  • Windows Identity Foundation for Core Services Web Services 
  • Entity Framework and LINQ for data manipulation
  • Management of authentication and permissions on the OpenID Connect protocol 
  • REACT / Redux (Javascript)
  • ELMAH and NLOG Framework for the error and access log 
  • NINJECT Framework for Business Rules Management


We develop and test for Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers. 

The user interface has been designed to meet the standards of an adaptive website. 

All our software solutions can be hosted on physical servers or in the cloud! 


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