The Cyberjustice Community in few words





The Cyberjustice Community is an open software community gathering users, computer scientists and services providers. It develops an open source project offering multiple software solutions and modules in order to improve access to justice through web services and judicial administration tools for implementation in the judicial world.


The Cyberjustice Community’s 5 goals:

Main principles

The Community in details






The members are ministers of Justice, public institutions, courts, research centers who integrate or use the software developed by the Cyberjustice Community and who contributes to their developments or encourages their use by providing related services.

join the community

To join the Cyberjustice Community and contributes to the project, a submission must be sent and will be approved by the Coordination Committee. A financial contribution will be required to cover the functional cost of the community.

If you want join the Community or access the software, please contact Valentin Callipel  (valentin.callipel@umontreal.ca) or 514-343-6111 # 2550.

The coordination committee

The Coordination Committee is in charge of management of adhesion submissions, the community orientation and the external communication.  Each member using the software for their activities designates a representative within the Coordination committee, which is presided by the Cyberjustice Laboratory.

the tech committee

The Tech Committee manages open data and documentation, software architecture, computer infrastructure and  development and collaboration of software solutions. It is created by the Coordination Committee and composed by development managers and developers who have a strong experience in the use of the Community’s software.

current members


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