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The Process PARLe


Logo PARLE Transpis a project offering to consumers and retailers an online service, quick and free, to resolve  low intensity  disputes.

Logo PARLE Transpuses a structured process based on negociation and mediation within a securised and private environment. This system is friendly and accessible everywhere.





Why PARLe?

  • To offer an alternative to resolve low intensity dispute instead of judicial trials
  • To lower the cost of justice
  • To compensate the delays of justice
  • To overgo the distance between the parts thanks to technology
  • To facilitate the process for citizens

How PARLe ?

The method PARLe is a 3 steps process following the parts step by step towards an extrajudicial resolution of their dispute.




Logo PARLE Transpstep by step







The consumer choses to use PARLe



The company accepts to use PARLe



(1) The negociation can begin. The consumer proposes a solution to the dispute.

The company can accept/refuse/amend/propose another solution...




If no solution is found at that phase within a determined timeframe, the meditaion will automatically begin.



(2) The negociation failed. The mediation is opened.

A mediator is automatically designated by the platform and accesses the negociation disccusions and the whole file with the propositions formulated so far.






At the end of the mediation phase, the mediator proposes a solution that each parts can accept/refuse/amend.

(3) Agreement or judicial transfer?


If all the parts come to an agreement, the case is closed and the agreement can be officialised by the court.

If no agrrement has been found, the case can be transferred to the court. If so, all the documents uploaded in the platform will be automatically transferred with the file history. The PARLe process will be closed then.

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