Jean-François Roberge | Le sentiment de justice. Un concept pertinent pour évaluer la qualité du règlement des différends en ligne ?

Jean-François Roberge - ACT researcher - discuss in this publication the concept of sense of justice and it's importance in evaluating the quality of online dispute resolution, particularly through the experience of justice by the users of the online dispute resolution platform - PARLE - in consumer disputes.

The sense of justice is a concept that we rediscover, and which aligns with an emerging global trend to meet the challenge of access to law and justice according to a people-centered vision. In Canada, there is a call for a cultural shift in the legal profession and recent initiatives are following this people-focus trend notably through the practice of appropriate dispute resolution mechanisms taking advantage of technology. In order to measure this evolution, we have developed an access to justice index which we present here, and conducted an empirical study aiming to assess the experience of justice of consumers who used the online dispute resolution platform PARLE.


Jean-François Roberge

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