CLEO’s direct-to-public Guided Pathways for Powers of Attorney

Speakers :

  • Erik Bornmann - Staff Lawyer at CLEO
  • Carl Abrahamson - A2J Services Analyst at CLEO
  • Judith A. Wahl - Barrister and Solicitor at Wahl Elder Law

Hear about CLEO's new Guided Pathways for Powers of Attorney that people can use to make or cancel Powers of Attorney ("POAs") for property or personal care.

CLEO’s Guided Pathways for POAs are interactive tools that take users through a series of online questions, explained in plain language, and then use the answers to automatically create a power of attorney. Along the way, users are given clear legal information about assessing the risks involved, as well as mental capacity issues.

The Guided Pathways are free to use. And they are available as interest in POAs surges in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many people are now realizing that they need or want POAs – and quickly.

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