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Le Web 3.0 : de la décentralisation à l’émancipation ?

“Agriculture destroyed the chief, forcing a transition to oligarchy. Industrialization destroyed the king, forcing a transition to democracy. The information revolution, coupled with globalization, is eroding representative government and forcing a transition toward something completely new." Michael Mason et Matthew Spoke, "Programmable Trust" Succeeding to the first-generation encyclopedic web and the social or participatory web, […] Read more

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ODR FORUM MONTREAL 2023 |The State and Future of ODR

This content is not available in the selected language. The International Forum is heading to Canada. The 23rd International ODR Forum will be held at the Cyberjustice Laboratory of the Université de Montréal on October 11-12, 2023. The 23rd International ODR Forum is a two-day assembly of over 250 innovators, changemakers, and thought leaders from various sectors, […] Read more

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LegalMation – Transforming Litigation – Drafting Tailored Pleadings in Two Minutes with AI

This content is not available in the selected language. Les webinaires de l’industrie Les travaux du Laboratoire de cyberjustice et plus généralement les recherches sur les technologies de l’information dans le domaine de la justice sont centrés sur les implications de l’application de ces technologies aux processus et pratiques judiciaires. Ce cycle de conférences se […] Read more

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Helping Ourselves to Justice: Perspectives on Legal Self-Help

Speaker Alyse Bertenthal, Assistant Professor of Law, Wake Forest University Description We often discuss access to justice in the context of courtrooms and legal cases. This presentation focuses on how people access justice outside of those contexts. Drawing from ethnographic research in two disparate areas – a legal self-help clinic and among communities fighting for […] Read more

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Les promesses de l’intelligence artificielle, simple mirage ?

This content is not available in the selected language. Conférencier Yves Gingras, Professeur titulaire, Département d’histoire, Université du Québec à Montréal Description L’histoire des sciences et des technologies est jonchée de promesses mirobolantes jamais réalisées et trop souvent oubliées car remplacées chaque décennie par d’autres promesses tout aussi optimistes. Après la génomique et les nanotechnologies, […] Read more

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Ethical Issues in Cybersecurity: Beyond Privacy and Security

Speaker : Ibo van de Poel, Delft University of Technology This talk addresses the main values, and values conflicts, in relation to cybersecurity by distinguishing four important value clusters that should be considered when deciding on cybersecurity measures: security, privacy, fairness and accountability. Potential value conflicts and value tensions between these values will be considered. […] Read more

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Participant experience of virtual courts: findings from the UK video hearings project

Speaker Meredith Rossner, Professor of Criminology, Australian National University Description A large number of court participants have engaged with various forms of virtual justice during the COVID-19 pandemic. This is likely to be a permanent shift in how justice operates. In what ways can this format limit or enhance user’s experience of their hearing? This […] Read more

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Legal Tech & Access to Justice: Thoughts from the Estate Planning Context

Speaker Emily Taylor Poppe, University of California Description Civil legal issues are incredibly prevalent in everyday life and can have devastating consequences. Yet few individuals obtain the assistance of a lawyer in addressing these issues. Legal technology is seen by many as holding great promise for enhancing individuals’ ability to address their own legal needs, […] Read more

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Making ODR More Effective and Accessible Through Usability Testing

This content is not available in the selected language. L’activité se déroulera en anglais seulement. Speakers Christopher L. Griffin, Jr., Director of Empirical & Policy Research and Research Professor, University of Arizona College of Law Mackenzie S. Pish, Manager, Innovation for Justice Program, University of Arizona College of Law Description The Innovation for Justice (i4J) […] Read more