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PARLe – Ontario Condominium Authority Tribunal

The CAT’s platform distinguishes itself on the international stage by promoting simple, online resolution of the many condominium disputes that have resulted from Ontario’s condominium boom. A unique response to the COVID-19 crisis Thanks to the PARLe platform, the Condominium Authority Tribunal became in 2017 the first completely online, no-premise tribunal in Canada. This fully digital tribunal […] Read more


PARLe – Office de la protection du consommateur

Since 2016 , the PARLe project of the Office de la protection du consommateur has made it feasible to settle consumer disputes between a consumer and a merchant based in Quebec without a judge. With more than 7800 consumers referred to the platform and a 70% success rate in resolving disputes, the PARLe OPC project has illustrated, long before the current period of confinement, […] Read more


Cyberjustice in times of pandemic

At a time when the justice system is idling, the Cyberjustice Laboratory is brimming with innovations that are helping to speed up the process here in Canada and in France. Online court hearings, remote mediation, virtual courtrooms: the innovations of the Cyberjustice Laboratory of the Faculty of Law of the Université de Montréal are being […] Read more


The PARLe platform in the latest Joint Technology Committee’s Resource Bulletin on ODR platforms

The Joint Technology Committee (JTC) published a bulletin on January 28, 2020, containing various case studies on online dispute resolution (ODR). The committee notes that dozens, if not hundreds, of jurisdictions have implemented online dispute resolution mechanisms. Through seven case studies, it looks at the different possibilities available to courts to apply dispute resolution technology: […] Read more

Featured News

A Tale of Cyberjustice: A Modern Approach to Technology in the Canadian Justice System

The Cyberjustice Lab is pleased to announce the release of its new book "A Tale of Cyberjustice: A Modern Approach to Technology in the Canadian Justice System".  This book traces the life cycle of the Towards Cyberjustice project, from its creation to its completion and continuation with the launch of the Autonomy Through Cyberjustice Technologies (ACT) project. This book is […] Read more


Workshop : CLAUDETTE : Empowering Consumers through Artificial Intelligence

As part of the AI and the Law Series cycle, Mcgill University is hosting Mr. Przemysław Pałka, who will discuss  the possibility of automating the legal assessment of online consumer contracts in terms of service and privacy policies that a person encounters online thanks to the CLAUDETTE Project.    For more information, click here.    […] Read more


Call for abstracts – Revue Criminologie

The Spring 2021 thematic issue will be edited by Rémi Boivin, a professor at the School of Criminology (Université de Montréal) and Annie Gendron, a researcher at the École Nationale de Police du Québec (the provincial police academy). This thematic issue aims to shift this debate from its current emphasis on police work, to a […] Read more


Podcast Lexlab – IA, Canada et Avocats

As part of the "Justice and Algorithms" week, the radio program LexLab made an inventory of AI innovations in Canada and particularly in Quebec. This episode brought together around a table, Pr Karim Benyekhlef - director of the Cyberjustice Laboratory - Pr Gregory Lewkowicz - ACT researcher - as well as Pr Marina Teller to discuss […] Read more