Final Report: Video Hearings Process Evaluation (Phase 2)

Prof. Meredith Rossner - ACT researcher - and Martha McCurdy - PhD Candidate in Sociology at the London School of Economics - publish a report that presents the findings of Phase 2 of the video hearings process evaluation that includes party-to-party hearings and party-to-state hearings in civil, family and tax jurisdictions. The report provides a brief summary of previous research and a description of the data and methods used for the evaluation as well as various recommandations. 

The evaluation was based on a prototype version of the video hearings service. A new platform was released in November 2019 (Release 1), but we could not observe an entire user journey due to the elapsed time between a hearing being listed and taking place. As such, the additional functionality in Release 1 has not been reviewed. Differences from the new release are noted throughout the report. The evaluation included observations of hearings, interviews with users and key stakeholders, and analyses of administrative data and documents. It will report on the implementation and user and judicial experience of video hearings. It will conclude by making recommendations about best practice for the video hearings process. The experience of participants in this pilot suggests that, at least for the types of hearing tested, video hearing

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