PARLe – Office de la protection du consommateur

Since 2016 , the PARLe project of the Office de la protection du consommateur has made it feasible to settle consumer disputes between a consumer and a merchant based in Quebec without a judge.

With more than 7800 consumers referred to the platform and a 70% success rate in resolving disputes, the PARLe OPC project has illustrated, long before the current period of confinement, the potential of digital technologies and the importance of adapting the justice offering to the needs of today’s more connected and mobile litigants.

Since March 12, 2020, and despite the closure of non-essential businesses in Quebec, the platform has remained open and has resulted in 49 agreements between consumers and merchants.

Overview of the process



The online mediation pilot project conducted jointly by the Office de la protection du consommateur and the Cyberjustice Laboratory is a finalist for the Quebec Public Administration Award of Excellence in the "Digital Initiatives" category. 

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