Success of the 1st Roundtable on Data Harvesting

Within the framework of the Project Empowerment of Judicial Actors through Cyberjustice (AJC), Monday, December 17, the first discussion workshop on the "harvesting" (brokering) of judicial data was successfully held.

This 5-hour workshop brought together representatives from the Cyberjustice Laboratory, the Department of Justice Canada, the Ministère de la Justice du Québec, CanLii, etc. for a round table discussion facilitated by Professors Karim Benyekhlef, Nicolas Vermeys and Pierre-Luc Déziel.

The objective of this workshop was to share participants' views on the practice of judicial data harvesting by data brokers and to reflect together on the practical, ethical and institutional issues involved in marking the practice of judicial data brokerage.

The success of this very first workshop makes it possible to consider the best for the next ones.



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