Press release – Cybermediation – October 3, 2014

logo_cmapThe Cyberjustice Laboratory, in collaboration with the Centre for Mediation and Arbitration of Paris (CMAP), recently embarked on a cybermediation project. The aim of the project is to test available technologies for online mediation, in order to assess reliability and to ensure that the tools needed to conduct a mediation session find their equivalent on a virtual platform, in this case: Adobe connect.

On October 3, 2014, Me Patrick Zakaria, a member of the Quebec Bar and an accredited mediatorsince 2007, Me Michel Solis, a senior lawyer specialized in information technology law for over twenty-five years and a member of the Quebec Bar, and Me Hedwig Caldairou, a senior lawyer specializing in media law, telecommunications law, and corporate law, and a member of the Paris Bar, took part in a mock mediation in the context of this project. This real-time simulation was used to evaluate the ergonomics of the system, its ease of use, and get a first idea of the perceptions of users.

In the coming months, the Cyberjustice Laboratory’s team will conduct further testing of other similar technological platforms that can be used for online mediation. These simulations fall within a broader research project on the impact of technology on interactions between actors involved in mediations or trials. In the upcoming months several experiments of this type will be conducted and should lead to the publication of scientific articles on the subject.


Written by Emmanuelle Amar
Research agent at the Cyberjustice Laboratory

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