ISA is a software module that facilitates the use of technology both in courtrooms (computer and audiovisual tools) and for the presentation of evidence (access to the electronic clerk, annotation sharing tools, etc.) for all the stakeholders of a hearing, whether it is the clerk, the judge or the parties.

Thanks to a simple and modular domotics interface, each stakeholder is able to access an interface that enables them to control the courtroom (camera, microphone, display, sound, annotation, court record, etc.) from a computer or tablet, locally or through a network.


Lawyer: ISA allows the lawyer to access the documents filed in the electronic registry, to present these documents on the courtroom screens or on screens used by stakeholders in other locations, to share these documents with other stakeholders, to manage annotations (yield the right of annotation, store the annotations of each user, etc.) and interrogations.

Clerk:  ISA allows the clerk to control the right to speak, the entirety of the courtroom equipment (cameras, microphones, computers, monitors, etc.), the deposit and the qualification of evidence at the hearing.  A comprehensive records management system for the hearing and the annotation of audiovisual recordings from the hearing is also available to the clerk.  These recordings are them created and archived in electronic registry.

Functions in the Process of Development

Jury:  The Laboratory is currently working on an adaptation of ISA to address the needs of jury trials.  ISA will include a special panel through which jury members can access the evidence as well as a panel that allows them to manage deliberations, which will include a system from managing and sharing annotations.

Remote Participation:  ISA is adapted to manage the participation of remote stakeholder so as to share information with these individuals.  The Laboratory is currently developing an online waiting area so as to prepare the remote participants such as to allow the clerk to ensure their participation in the hearing.


Note that ISA can be just as well adapted to a courtroom equipped with cutting edge technology as to a courtroom that is minimally equipped with one or more display screens and computers.


ISA au LaboISA is functional and available in the courtroom of the Cyberjustice Laboratory.  For several years it has served to animate the various forums held in this room, be it summer school activities, historical processes, judicial review requests or moot court contests.  The image to the left demonstrates the use of ISA by the courtroom clerk.

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