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Webinar : Improving Access to Justice Through User-Focused ODR

  Richard Rogers recently described the Civil Resolution Tribunal (CRT) as “Currently the world’s best known and most advanced online public dispute resolution system”. In this webinar, you’ll learn: how the CRT is integrated into British Columbia’s justice system; its reliance on user-focused design to develop and improve; and how the tribunal uses both technology […] Read more

Videos Cyberjustice Web Conferences

Webinar : Beagle, a Chatbot that Helps with Everyday Legal Problems

People's Law School, a non-profit in British Columbia, has developed a chatbot that helps with everyday legal problems. Now available on Facebook Messenger and soon to be released on the web, Beagle guides people step-by-step through common everyday legal problems. The team behind Beagle will outline why they set about developing a chatbot, show how […] Read more

Videos Cyberjustice Web Conferences

Webinar : Jami, un outil de communication au service de la vie privée

Webinar in french only. The boom in teleworking in the context of a pandemic has shed light on the controversial and more or less controlled use of communications and personal data through the many tools at your disposal. In this webinar, we will present JAMI, an innovative Quebec-based communication application that places confidentiality and privacy […] Read more