2019 International ODR Forum

From October 29 to 30, was held the 2019 ODR International Forum hosted by the National Center for Technology and Conflict Resolution in Williamsburg, Virginia. This forum brings together several researchers, each year, who work on issues related to online dispute resolution.

For this occasion, a team of researchers from the Cyberjustice Laboratory and the ACT project was there  to present the various work in progress related to conflict resolution online.

Valentin Callipel et Maria Acevedo proposed a panel entitled «  The Genesis of ODR Platforms and the Rise of ODRAI/Using Artificial Intelligence to Enhance ODR: Highlights from a Global Inventory. »

During this panel, Maria Acevedo detailed our definition of cyberjustice as well as our conception of the future of the ODR. Mr. Callipel presented the results of his study in the subproject 1 of the ACT project.

Subsequently, Jean-François Roberge and Nicolas Vermeys - professors and researchers in the ACT project - presented a panel entitled «  ODR as a Public Service: The Access to Justice Driven Canadian Experience. »

Mr. Roberge presented the results of his study on the sense of access to justice (SAJ) among users of the OPC pilot project. For his part, Mr. Vermeys outlined our online dispute resolution initiatives by presenting  the PARLe-OPC project and its results.

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