The JusticeBot presentation was a great success

On November 1, two research assistants from the Cyberjustice Laboratory, Hannes Westermann and Ivan Fonseca, introduced the JusticeBot project to potential student volunteers.

  The Cyberjustice Laboratory is developing a JusticeBot protoype, a digital conversational agent that combines two artificial intelligence processes— natural language processing and machine learning — to provide personalized legal information about landlord-tenant issues.   The JusticeBot presentation was a great success: 44 participants attended, 26 of whom expressed interest in becoming involved. The Cyberjustice Laboratory wishes to thank the students for their enthusiasm for the project and their interest in the broader goal of improving access to justice through artificial intelligence. There is a lot of work to be done!       If you are interested in collaborating on the project, please contact Project Manager Hannes Westmann. Email:   Conférenciers : Hannes Westermann et Ivan Fonseca

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