Heather Scheiwe Kulp & Amy J. Schmitz - Real Feedback from Real People: Emphasizing User-Centric Designs for Court ODR

Heather Scheiwe Kulp and Amy J. Schmitz review the standards for the use of Online Dispute Resolution in  courts by questioning users who have experimented the system. As online dispute resolution (ODR) systems become increasingly popular and prevalent, especially for court cases, those of us considering and setting standards for ODR find ourselves wondering what […] Read more

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Building a Programmatic Caselaw Noteup feature at CanLII

Speakers : Xavier Beauchamp - Tremblay - President and CEO CanLII Frédéric Pelletier - VP Legal Information, Lexum & Head editor of CanLII In January 2020, CanLII deployed an improved version of its note-up technology. The objective of the new system is to provide users  with indicators that a decision in the CanLII collection was "discussed" in a […] Read more