ICAIL Conference 2023 Recap

Between the 19 and 23 June, the Cyberjustice Laboratory attended the International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Law (ICAIL 2023) in Braga, Portugal. Our researchers, Hannes Westermann and Jinzhe Tan, contributed to several segments of the conference.

Hannes presented his work on JusticeBot, our AI tool providing legal information to laypeople, in the main conference. Both researchers also participated in the “Workshop on Artificial Intelligence for Access to Justice” (AI4AJ), where they compared JusticeBot’s information quality with that of ChatGPT and presented the LLMediator, a tool using large language models such as GPT-4 for conflict mediation.

In the “Automated Semantic Analysis of Information in Legal Text” (ASAIL) workshop, they shared their research on automatic suggestions of relevant legal issues to users. Finally, at the doctoral consortium, Tan presented his work on the impact of emotions in the judicial process.

We extend our thanks to the organizers for the opportunity to present our work and participate in these valuable discussions on AI and law!

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