Ready for robot lawyers? How students can prepare for the future of law

From algorithms and artificial intelligence to smart contracts, technology will transform the legal profession. Here’s what it could mean for law students

There was a time when law firm trainees were essentially glorified administrators. They filled their days with photocopying, pagination and trawling through documents. Now, computers do those mundane tasks much faster and without complaint. As law firms increasingly resemble tech companies, it’s up to law students to keep up with the pace of change – and to prove that trainees still have a role.

Understanding the impact of artificial intelligence and machine learning on legal services could set applicants apart when competing for legal training contracts, says Christina Blacklaws, director of innovation at Cripps LLP.

Students will have to put some of the work in themselves, though. Blacklaws thinks law degrees have fallen behind when it comes to equipping graduates with the skills they need. “Some universities are grappling with these issues, but I think they’re in the minority,” she says. “Most universities continue to teach a traditional curriculum, which was fine up until a few years ago, but might not properly prepare young people.”

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