A Robot Lawyer Is Officially Assisting With Refugee Applications

A Timely Cause

When Joshua Browder developed the chatbot for DoNotPay, the original idea was just to help people out with their traffic ticket woes. DoNotPay has since successfully overturned more than 200,000 disputable parking tickets in London, New York, and Seattle. It’s also given free legal aid to people who couldn’t afford lawyers for their emergency housing issues. The 20-year old Browder, a student at Stanford University, has now turned his robot lawyer to helping refugees seeking asylum.

The chatbot was a product of more than six months of hard work, as Browder had to work with various lawyers to train his artificially intelligent (AI) chatbot. “I wanted to make sure I got it right because it’s such a complicated issue,” Browder told The Guardian. “I kept showing it to lawyers throughout the process and I’d go back and tweak it. That took months and months of work, but we wanted to make sure it was right.” Now, it helps refugees fill out immigration applications to the U.S. and Canada, while it offers assistance for asylum support in the U.K.

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