Harold Épineuse promeut avec la CEPEJ le Greffe électronique au Kosovo | Developing case management information systems for Courts in Kosovo

Under the Council of Europe and European Union joint Action « Strengthening the efficiency and quality of justice in Kosovo » the representatives of the European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice (CEPEJ) travelled to Pristina on 21 and 22 February 2017 to support the development of the Court case management information system (CMIS) with targeted expertise to ensure that it will serve the efficiency and quality of justice in Kosovo.

The contribution of the CEPEJ aims at  improving, in the long term, the collection and analysis of judicial statistics in Kosovo, in accordance with the CEPEJ methodology. On this occasion, a CEPEJ expert and  a member of the CEPEJ Secretariat  will meet with the CMIS team as well as other relevant interlocutors representing the Action’s beneficiaries, within the Kosovo Judicial Council and the courts, to present the Cyberjustice Guidelines adopted by the CEPEJ in December 2016 as well as the Checklist contained therein for organisations responsible for developing and managing IT projects. The aim of the mission is also to ensure that the new system will produce statistical dashboards in line with CEPEJ indicators which when duly implemented should contribute to improving the efficiency of justice in Kosovo.

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