Online traders must comply with new EU online dispute resolution requirements

As part of the European Union’s drive to encourage the use of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) in consumer disputes, the European Commission has developed a new online dispute resolution (ODR) platform, which has been available for use by traders and consumers since February 15 2016.

The launch of the platform means that online traders – which include any consumer-facing franchise concept in which the franchisor or its franchisees transact with consumers online – must now comply with certain requirements contained in the EU Regulation on Consumer ODR.

The regulation follows other recent changes in EU consumer law, such as the entry into force of the Consumer Rights Directive in 2014 and the implementation of new rules on ADR in 2015.

Franchise businesses that have not reviewed their websites and general terms and conditions of sale or supply in light of these changes should consider a more detailed review of their compliance with consumer law.

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