Global Forum on Law, Justice and Development 2015, World Bank

Experts on call – An Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) Initiative for the resolution of low intensity disputes in Brazil, Chili and Colombia

Alternative dispute resolution methods’ usefulness to compensate for the shortcomings of traditional justice systems has been widely recognized. The use of ICTs has brought forth a new era in the legal field, with online dispute resolution (ODR) being employed to address a variety of low-intensity disputes, such as minor infractions, consumer or taxation issues. With the advent of a digital age in Latin America and multiple local judicial stakeholders reaffirming their express interest in novel justice delivery methods, citizen empowerment through technology is possible now more than ever. The common objective is to bring a combination of experience, technology, expertise, and ideas to judicial stakeholders in order to strengthen governance and enhance both justice and sustainable development in Latin American countries. The partners will share this knowledge and develop a pilot-project that aims to build peaceful and inclusive societies and promote the rule of law, while improving access to justice for vulnerable social groups: a purpose in line with the objectives put forward in the UN Sustainable Development Goal #16. The pilot-project will adapt and implement an existing open-source ODR platform, integrate it to the current judicial offerings and ensure that it effectively responds to particular identified sectors. It brings to forefront open source technologies, makes ample use of decades of research expertise, draws upon existing judicial structures and promotes newly instigated judicial reform initiatives. The partner’s combined efforts have the transformative power to put enforcement mechanisms in the hands of disenfranchised citizens, thus more equipped to hold their government, peers and civil society actors to account. This in turn fosters the emergence of more inclusive societies and reduces disparities between various classes.

Speakers :
Karim Benyekhlef, Directeur du Laboratoire de Cyberjustice et titulaire de la Chaire LexUM et co-leader de la CoP on ADR and ODR (Global Forum on Law, Justice and Development)
Jaime Arellano Quintana, Director Ejecutivo en CEJA Centro de Estudios de
Justicia de las Americas – Justice Studies Center of the Americas
Valentin Callipel, Laboratoire de cyberjustice

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