User Requirements Notation (URN): Application To Legal Compliance and Regulatory Intelligence

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The User Requirements Notation (URN), standardized by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU-T) in 2008 with extensive improvements in 2012, offers two complementary views for modelling requirements and business processes: GRL (the Goal-oriented Requirement Language) for stakeholder goals and indicators, and UCM (Use Case Maps) for scenarios and high-level architectures. This tutorial first gives an introduction to the basic concepts and notations of URN, with support provided by jUCMNav, a free Eclipse-based modelling environment. The second part of the tutorial focuses on specific modelling styles used to model laws and regulations. Analysis techniques for reasoning about compliance and decision making in this context will be introduced. Requirements engineers, academic researchers, lawyers, and software professionals with an interest in requirements modelling and legal aspects will benefit from this tutorial.



Daniel Amyot is Professor at the University of Ottawa, which he joined in 2002 after working for Mitel Networks as a senior researcher. His research interests include requirements modelling and analysis with goals, scenarios, and aspects; business process modelling; software engineering; regulatory compliance; and e-health. He has over 140 publications in these areas. He has also led a project on regulatory compliance related to aviation security, and co-chaired the Requirements Engineering and Law (RELAW) workshop on several occasions. Daniel co-edited with Gunter Mussbacher all versions of the URN standard. He also leads the development of an open-source Eclipse plug-in (jUCMNav) for the creation, analysis, and transformation of URN models. Daniel holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science (Ottawa, 2001) and is a Professional Engineer. Daniel has given numerous tutorials and invited presentations on various topics related to URN at international conferences, at ITU-T, at departmental seminars, and for industry.


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