Forum ODR Montréal 2013 : Présentations et programme

Table ronde 1 – ODR: Evolution of the International Legal Framework (EU, UNICITRAL)

Evolution of the International Legal Framework (EU & UNCITRAL), Pablo Cortès, 2013-06-17 [PDF]

ODR in Europe, Vincent Tilman, 2013-06-17 [PDF]

Fabien Gélinas, 2013-06-17 [À venir]

Table ronde 2 – Developpement and ADR

Cyberjustice as a Resource for Developing Countries?, Valentin Callipel, 2013-06-17 [PDF]

Mercedes Albornoz, 2013-06-17 [À venir]

Carlos Gregorio, 2013-06-17 [PDF]

Table ronde 3 – « The Side Effects of ODR Technology on ADR Processes »

Providing Access to Justice Through JDR AND ODR. A Comparative Research Project, Jean Francois Roberge, 2013-06-17 [PDF]

Networked Individualism & ADR/ODR Process, Bill Warters, 2013-06-17 [PDF]

Orna Rabinovich–Einy, 2013-06-17 [À venir]

Table ronde 4 – ODR: Beyond Ecommerce

Sport Dispute Resolution Centre of Canada, Marie-Claude Asselin, 2013-06-17 [PDF]

Graham Ross, 2013-06-17 [À venir]

Workflow Process Management: The Next Frontier for ODR, Colin Rule, 2013-06-17 [PDF]

Table ronde 5A – Future of ODR

ODR and Consumers’ Access to Justice, What Role for the State?, Cléa Iavarone-Turcotte, 2013-06-18 [PDF]

Dispute Regulation by the Online Community Learning from the Gaming Virtual Worlds Experience, Rotem Medzini, 2013-06-18 [PDF]

Understanding State Sovereignty in the ODR Era – Replacing Disintegrating State Monopoly, Riikka Koulu, 2013-06-18 [PDF]

Table ronde 5B – What’s new on the market?

Jin Ho Verdonschot, 2013-06-18 [À venir]

James Melamed, 2013-06-18 [À venir]

Zbynek Loebl, 2013-06-18 [À venir]

Table ronde 6 – Online Arbitration: Issues of Trust and Enforceability

Quo Vadis Online Arbitration? Between Realism and Idealism, Mohamed S. Abdel Wahab, 2013-06-18 [PDF]

Are we talking about the same animals?, Mirèze Philippe, 2013-06-18 [PDF]

Table ronde 7 – ODR: What’s in it for the legal community?

Big Data Security and Online Dispute Resolution, Benjamin G. Davis, 2013-06-18 [PDF]

The Civil Resolution Tribunal, Darin Thompson, 2013-06-18 [PDF]

Legitimizing ODR for Lawyers, Vikki Rogers, 2013-06-18 [PDF]

Table ronde 8 – Teaching ODR

ADR and Technology: Hamline and Concord Law Schools Combined, David Larson, 2013-06-18 [PDF]

ODR Latinoamericana, Alberto Elisavetsky, 2013-06-18 [PDF]

Aura Esther Vilalta, 2013-06-18 [PDF]

Présentations de projet

Cyberjustice Laboratory Software Developments, 2013-06-18 [PDF]

CLARED – Centro Latinoamericano de Resolución Electrónica de Disputas, 2013-06-18 [PDF]

The Fourth Party Research Project at the University of Massachusetts, 2013-06-18 [PDF]

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