Some European and Australian E-Justice Services

This  report  aims  at  giving  a  first  overview  of  issues  that  may  be  explored  more  in  depth  in  the  Cyberjustice  research  project,  taking  into  consideration  a  selection  of  information  and  communication  technologies  (ICT)  developed,  or  still  under  construction,  for  the  administration  of  justice  in  Europe  and  Australia. The  report  is  based  on  desk  research  of  documents  and  literature  available  in  paper  and  online.  However,  most   of   the   literature   considered   is   already   the   fruit   of   empirical research   carried   out   by   The   Research   Institute   on   Judicial   Systems   of   the   National   Research   Council   of   Italy,   in   Bologna   (IRSIG-CNR)   in   the  previous  years,  and  constantly  updated.

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