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Vlogs du Labo | Les lundis cyberjustice

This series of video capsules offers you the opportunity to learn more about the Cyberjustice Laboratory, its work and its teams. Short and educational capsules to better understand the objectives of the cyberjustice community and its achievements in this field, through the work carried out by the Laboratory with its various partners and researchers for […] Read more

Videos Cyberjustice Web Conferences

Enjeux de la cybersécurité reliés à une pandémie

Web-talk in french only. Speakers :  Nicolas Vermeys - Cyberjustice Laboratory  Benoit Dupont - Serene-RISC During this web discussion, we will have with us Nicolas Vermeys - professor at the faculty of law of the University of Montreal and associate director of the Cyberjustice Laboratory and Benoît Dupont - professor at the School of Criminology […] Read more

Videos Cyberjustice Web Conferences

Cybersécurité : comment se protéger, son entreprise et ses clients en respectant les bonnes pratiques et exigences légales

SPeaker : Julien Bois During this web conference, we will have with us Julien Bois, Project Manager and Solution Architect in Identity and Acccess Management. He will provide various useful and practical information to protect themselves, their organisation, or their clients in cybersecurity. Through a legal perspective, he will present such information by doing the […] Read more

Videos Cyberjustice Web Conferences

Enjeux éthiques du recours à l’intelligence artificielle en temps de pandémie

Web-entretien en français uniquement. Speakers  : Mélanie Bourassa Forcier -  Université de Sherbrooke Martin Gibert - Centre de recherche en éthique  et IVADO Daniel Weinstock - Law School,  McGill University  Ryoa Chung -The Montreal Centre for International Studies, Université de Montréal During this web interview, we will have with us Mélanie Bourassa Forcier, Full professor at the Faculty of […] Read more

Videos Cyberjustice Web Conferences

AI's Contribution to the Administration of Justice

Speakers  Karl Branting - MITRE Kevin Ashley - University of Pittsburgh Tom van Engers - Leibniz Institute This web interview will bring together Kevin Ashley, professor of law at the University of Pittsburgh, Karl Branting, Chief Scientist in charge of the Machine Learning for Computational Law project at MITRE Corporation and Tom van Engers professor of law at the University […] Read more

Videos Cyberjustice Web Conferences

The Trial as the Means for Justice: Technological Challenges in Pandemic Times (And for the Future)

Speaker :  Guilem Soler Solé - Judge of the first instance tribunal 1 of Barcelona  The Cyberjustice Laboratory have the pleasure of welcoming Mr. Guillem Soler Solé, Judge of the First Instance tribunal no 1 of Barcelona, sharing his critical insights on the technological challenges facing the (Spanish) justice system in this time of crisis. […] Read more

Videos Cyberjustice Web Conferences

Non-conformité de la visio-conférence devant la Chambre de l’Instruction en matière criminelle

Web-conference in french only.  sPEAKER :  Me Romain Boulet - Lawyer, Barreau de Paris  In this web interview, Me Romain Boulet, Lawyer at the Paris Bar, will exchange with the Cyberjustice laboratory on a recent decision of the (French) Constitutional Council concerning the non-conformity of videoconferencing before the Criminal Investigation Chamber.   Host:  Hélène Gavrilovic […] Read more

Videos Cyberjustice Web Conferences

Résilience de la blockchain et de ses applications juridiques en temps de crise

Web-talk in french only. Speakers : Erwan Jonchères - Lawyer, Satoshi Legal   Louis Roy - President, Catallaxy  Gilbert Babin - Professor, HEC Montréal  In this online discussion panel, three experts will discuss questions related to blockchain technologies and its resilience in times of crisis, such as the coronavirus pandemic. Is the blockchain the solution to […] Read more

Videos Cyberjustice Web Conferences

Blockchain, Data Protection, and Health Data Management

Speaker : Alexander Bernier - Research Assistant at the Centre of Genomics and Policy  Alexander Bernier will explore the use of blockchain to enable the sharing of health data between healthcare institutions. Blockchain's potential to safeguard individual privacy rights while ensuring the free flow of data will be discussed, drawing from the experiences of the […] Read more