Conférence Cyberjustice Europe 2023 - Les nouveaux défis de la cyberjustice : entre information, régulation et démocratie

The Cyberjustice Laboratory is pleased to invite you to the CYBERJUSTICE EUROPE 2023 CONFERENCE in partnership with the Council of Europe and IERDJ on Friday November 24, 2023 at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg. Registration details will be announced shortly.

The CYBERJUSTICE EUROPE 2023 CONFERENCE is an event that brings together researchers, experts and professionals from many countries to discuss the impact of technology on justice policies and practices. Members of this rich international community, brought together for the second time by the Council of Europe and the Laboratoire de cyberjustice (Montreal), IERDJ (Paris) and the University of Strasbourg, will spend a day discussing and providing answers to the questions of AI regulation, developments in cybercrime, the need for public policies to support the development of online platforms and services, the impact of open access to legal and judicial information, augmented legal professions, the virtual future of the courtroom, and whether technological progress is still a friend of democracy.

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