PARLe platform is featured on Radio-Canada’s popular consumer information program, La Facture

Resolving disputes online, out of court

The PARLe platform of the Cyberjustice Laboratory is featured in the latest report of the program La facture (October 2, 2018). The Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) platform allows consumers to resolve their disputes with merchants quickly and fairly.

This project aims to provide consumers and merchants with an additional tool to speed up the settlement of their civil disputes and to promote access to justice by providing simple, fast and free online dispute mediation.

This tool is available to consumers and merchants based on specific criteria. Indeed, the project targets a limited number of businesses: department stores, furniture and appliance retailers, automotive and construction dealers.

In the report, we follow the negotiation process between a consumer and a merchant registered on the platform. In just over four weeks, they successfully reach an agreement. The consumer is satisfied with the negotiation process that was offered to him using PARLe platform.

"I think it may well promote access to justice. It reduces delays in processing court cases, and at the same time ensures that the most important cases really make it to court. " - Consumer using the PARLe platform (translated from french)


Link to watch the full report


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