AccesNumeriqueJustice_AfficheAn international conference on the theme of “E-access to Justice” was held on October 2 and 3 at the Cyberjustice Laboratory of the University of Montreal. The purpose of this conference was to draw a global picture of the e-access to justice in Quebec and around the world with regard to the use of technology.

For the occasion, the Cyberjustice Laboratory offered a varied program involving researchers, experts and practitioners from all backgrounds in order to provide a complete overview on the subject. The conference included the participation (by video) of Vinton Gray Cerf (Google Inc.) Lyne Bouchard (Ministry of Justice of Quebec) and Sherry MacLennan (Legal Services Society – British Columbia). Several topics were also discussed during the conference, including technologies and interactions in the courtroom, the values ​​of justice and technology, and finally the relevance or not to adopt new processual models.

The themes and ideas raised at the conference will certainly inspire new research projects and bring new collaborations. Once again, the Cyberjustice Laboratory’s team would  like to thank all the participants of the E-access to Justice conference.


E-Access to Justice – Oct 2&3, 2014 – Program