Cours 7

Jeudi 15 juin de 8h30 à 11h30 | Cyberjustice and Access to justice

séance en anglais

Présentation du cours (en anglais)

This session will offer some critical perspectives on cyberjustice and access to justice. 

It will pose the following questions:

  • Is technology the answer to access to justice crisis or just the latest access to justice fad?
  • How can we make sure that technologies meant to improve access to justice address actually user needs?
  • Do we have an ethical obligation as a profession to provide access to justice via technology?

Over the course of the three hours, we will look critically at arguments that suggest that technology is not a good way to increase access to justice in marginalized communities such as rural and remote, low-income and elderly populations. We will also explore how to build technology so that people remain at the centre of its design, and question our ethical obligations around access to justice and technology.

Conférencière invitée

Nicole Aylwin (Winkler Institute for Dispute Resolution)

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