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Mardi 13 juin de 13h à 16h |High Technology Courtrooms, Remote Appearances Via Video Conferencing, and Modern Trial Evidence

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Professor Fred Lederer of the Center for Legal and Court Technology of William & Mary Law School will discuss today’s emerging high-technology courtrooms, the types of technology now in use and which likely will be used in the future, and the types of evidence that will be presented in them. In doing so, Professor Lederer will emphasize the use of video conferencing for remote appearances of all kinds, including remote interpretation. His discussion of evidence will include computer animations and the implications of police body and sedan cameras and drone obtained data.

Professor Lederer’s presentation will be informed by his work with William& Mary’s McGlothlin Courtroom, the world’s most technologically advanced trial and appellate courtroom, the United States counterpart to the Cyberjustice Laboratory.

Conférencier invité

Professor Fredric I. Lederer (William and Mary School of Law / Center for Legal and Court Technology)

Lectures obligatoires

Lecture suggérée

  • Fredric Lederer, The Potential Use of Courtroom Technology in Major Terrorism Cases, 12 WM & Mary Bill Rts. J. 887 (2004)

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