Mardi 12 juin | 13h à 16h

Governance and Enforcement through Technology: The Case of RegTech

(Séance en anglais)

CONFÉRENCIER INVITÉ : Anastatia Konina (Candidate au doctorat, Université de Montréal)

During this three-hour session, we will discuss the phenomenon of regulatory technology, or RegTech, which involves the use of machine learning to organize and analyze large sets of data for reporting and compliance purposes. We will examine the role of global, state, and private actors in fostering technological enforcement infrastructure in the financial realm and trace the expansion of RegTech into the minutia of everyday life through national ground-breaking initiatives. Particularly, we will critically analyze the following issue

  • The ability of machine-learning algorithms to substitute for traditional enforcement mechanisms in the realm of finance;
  • The limits and perils of machine-learning algorithms; 
  • The use of regulatory sandboxes for the development of consumer-friendly technology and the role of private actors in fostering innovation; and
  • The ability of law to adapt to changes triggered by RegTech. 

Lectures préalables

Lectures suggérées :

  • Tutt, Andrew. “An FDA for Algorithms” (2017) 69 Administrative Law Review 83.
  • Burrell, Jenna. “How the Machine ‘Thinks’: Understanding Opacity in Machine Learning Algorithms” (2016) 3:1 Big Data & Society 1.
  • Wachter, Sandra, Brent Mittelstadt & Luciano Floridi. “Why a Right to Explanation of Automated Decision-Making Does Not Exist in the General Data Protection Regulation” (2017) 7:2 International Data Privacy Law 76.


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