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Building a Programmatic Caselaw Noteup feature at CanLII

Speakers : Xavier Beauchamp - Tremblay - President and CEO CanLII Frédéric Pelletier - VP Legal Information, Lexum & Head editor of CanLII In January 2020, CanLII deployed an improved version of its note-up technology. The objective of the new system is to provide users  with indicators that a decision in the CanLII collection was "discussed" in a […] Read more

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Blockchain, Data Protection, and Health Data Management

Speaker : Alexander Bernier - Research Assistant at the Centre of Genomics and Policy  Alexander Bernier will explore the use of blockchain to enable the sharing of health data between healthcare institutions. Blockchain's potential to safeguard individual privacy rights while ensuring the free flow of data will be discussed, drawing from the experiences of the […] Read more

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Résilience de la blockchain et de ses applications juridiques en temps de crise

Web-talk in french only. Speakers : Erwan Jonchères - Lawyer, Satoshi Legal   Louis Roy - President, Catallaxy  Gilbert Babin - Professor, HEC Montréal  In this online discussion panel, three experts will discuss questions related to blockchain technologies and its resilience in times of crisis, such as the coronavirus pandemic. Is the blockchain the solution to […] Read more

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Justice and Fast Technological Shift – Canada and USA Situation

This content is not available in the selected language. Web-entretien en anglais uniquement. This discussion will provide an update on the various technological initiatives that have been implemented in courts around the world in response to the pandemic. We will also discuss the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on future judicial reforms. Pour revoir ce […] Read more

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Webinar : Improving Access to Justice Through User-Focused ODR

  Richard Rogers recently described the Civil Resolution Tribunal (CRT) as “Currently the world’s best known and most advanced online public dispute resolution system”. In this webinar, you’ll learn: how the CRT is integrated into British Columbia’s justice system; its reliance on user-focused design to develop and improve; and how the tribunal uses both technology […] Read more

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Retour d’expérience – Comment informer le public sur ses droits en période de pandémie ?

Web-talk in french only. Nous vous invitons à une discussion virtuelle avec Mes Dominique Boutin, Aliaa El-Hage et Sophie Gagnon durant laquelle nous aborderons l’impact de la crise sanitaire sur l’accessibilité à la justice au Québec. Nous explorerons les projets mis en place afin de maintenir le public informé et nous discuterons des effets à […] Read more