Press Release - A memorandum of understanding concluded between the Cyberjustice Laboratory and the MITRE Corporation

Monday, August 8, 2016 – Montreal

The University of Montreal’s Cyberjustice Laboratory has concluded a memorandum of understanding with the U.S. research organization The MITRE Corporation, in a bid to enhance access to justice and support the rule of law locally and abroad.

This agreement is the fruit of ongoing discussions between Karim Benyekhlef, Director of the Cyberjustice Laboratory, and Bradford Brown, Portfolio Director & Senior Advisor at MITRE's Center for Judicial Informatics, Science & Technology (CJIST).

The Cyberjustice Laboratory initially welcomed MITRE during an October visit of its research infrastructure, and representatives from both organizations met again the following month during the World Bank’s Law Justice and Development (LJD) Week in Washington, D.C.


"We really look forward to working with the University of Montreal's Cyberjustice Laboratory. We see great potential in the collaboration," said Paul Bielski, executive director of MITRE's CJIST.


Both institutions have agreed to consolidate their experience, leverage their respective expertise, and collaborate on projects within the framework of the World Bank’s Global Forum on Law Justice and Development, where the Cyberjustice Laboratory co-leads the Community of practice on alternative dispute resolution, but also on an ad hoc basis.

On this occasion, Prof. Benyekhlef highlights the importance of forging partnerships with globally recognized experts and world-class institutions seeking to modernize and reform judicial and extrajudicial mechanisms worldwide. He also reiterates the necessity of a global approach in this colossal endeavour.


The MITRE Corporation is a not-for-profit organization that operates research and development centers sponsored by the federal government, including the Judiciary Engineering and Modernization Center, which oversees the CJIST. Learn more about MITRE here.

CJIST takes a global focus and works with the worldwide judicial community—including academia and international and nongovernmental agencies—involved in promoting the rule of law and access to justice, judicial reform, and modernization. Learn more about CJIST here.

The Cyberjustice Laboratory is the leading international research institution and network of stakeholders on the topic of digitization of justice. It is a space for the study and development of ICTs designed to improve dispute resolution processes; it is a hub for thought and creativity, where justice processes are modeled and re-imagined. Learn more about the Laboratory here.

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